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Cloud HR PRO - The perfect HR Software System

By Akintunde-Rotimi Olawale | 17th June 2019 16:05:31

Our All in one HR Software System comes packed with lots of goodies and features such as meeting scheduling, finance management, custom dashboard, document and department allocation per access level, editable templates, leave application and much more.



The HR department is considerably the largest department in any functioning organization. It controls activities from employee information to financial information. All these activities and information can be overwhelming especially when it involves keeping track of changes as well as more advanced activities such as payroll information, knowing what each employee has access to etc. Hence the reason why we took enough time to conduct extensive and well informative research before developing the perfect software system to properly manage HR activities.

The best thing about this software is that it is user friendly and requires the bare minimum computer knowledge (as long as you know how to use a mouse).

The following are some of the features our software system provides:

  • Recruitment Module: Our HR Software System provides a massive easy to use recruitment module which helps you manage all things recruitment such as Applicant InformationJob InformationInterviewInterview CalendarApplicant TrackingMoving Applicant to Employee StatusAcceptance Confirmation via email (PDF) as well via the system. 


  • Department Module: Our easy to use department module configuration helps you to easily assign one or more employees to a department as well as being able to assign an employee to be the head of department. This module helps to group employees for better communication by groups


  • Meeting Scheduling: Scheduling meetings manually can be a huge pain. Our meeting scheduler takes that pain away by providing an easy to use scheduler interface.


  • Templates Customization: This is one of our most important features. We believe in the fact that as client you should be able to customize certain parts of the Software System right down to your taste. At the moment of this article, we currently allow you to customize all the email templates such as
    • Meeting scheduling email
    • Department assignment
    • Document access permission
    • Leave application approval/denial
    • Acceptance letter to applicant
    • Interview confirmation email to applicant and many more templates

hr-templates-1 hr-templates-2

Other features included in our HR Software System are :

  • Service desks (Employee Information)
  • Finance control
  • Access control (Restrict employees to only viewing certain items)
  • Acitivity Log (Track what each employee does)
  • Administrative Dashboard


To have a feel for the system, send an email with your company name and contact number to [email protected] and we'll sign you up for a free 60-day trial. If you have any comments, question or contribution, please leave them in the comments section below and we'll provide adequate feedback

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