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Vote For Our CEO- Akintunde-Rotimi For The 2019 Global Startup Awards - Southern Africa

By Intuitive Web Admin | 03rd September 2019 10:39:13

The year of 2019 seems to be the year of great things for many including the CEO and Founder of INTUITIVE-WEB (PTY) LTD Akintunde-Rotimi.


The year of 2019 seems to be the year of great things for many including the CEO and Founder of INTUITIVE-WEB (PTY) LTD Akintunde-Rotimi. 


British-Nigerian Akintunde-Rotimi a young entrepreneur has been nominated as a candidate for the Southern Africa Startup awards under the category of Best Co-working space and Brave Founder of the year. With qualifications from well-known institutions in not only South Africa but internationally as well, our software engineer Akintunde-Rotimi like any successful entrepreneur would like to achieve so much more under the age of 30 and one of this soon to be achievements will be to win the two awards in the Southern Africa Startup awards in which he has been nominated for.


Akintunde-Rotimi is a young entrepreneur who wishes to make a great deal of a difference within the African community through technology and we at the company believe that he has the potential to do just that and winning these awards will bring him closer into achieving those goals.  Being an African brings some obstacles and difficulties along the way especially when it comes to wanting to do great things and impact the world in a positive way. Akintunde-Rotimi has proven to be an individual that has risen above all odds and was able to gain the confidence and courage to be one of many young leaders to start a business with the aim of impacting the world. He has obtained a number of qualifications which led him into obtaining extraordinary special skills in the software-engineering and technology world that is able to allow him to provide first-class services to anyone or any business willing to utilise his services. His company caters for the needs and requirements of every individual.


Why vote for Akintunde-Rotimi?

  • Because He has the extraordinary skills to offer you whatever software requirements that you need uniquely made for you.
  • He is a young entrepreneur who aims to make a huge impact within the community of Africa as whole.
  • He has come far from all his hard work and diligence to get him to where he is now and where he is wanting to go.
  • He is an intellect, who is passionate, determined and ambitious.

With your support He has progressed to the national finals for the Southern Africa Startup Awards and we hope that you will continue supporting by voting for him and helping him getting into the regionals finale  for Best Co-working space and Brave Founder of the year as well as helping our business grow even further.  

How to vote?

  • Kindly click on the link above or copy and paste the link that has been provided above and this link will redirect you to the Southern Africa Startup Awards website in which you will then be able to vote. 
  • In the Filter by nomination name space, type Akintunde-Rotimi
  • You'll see two nominations, namely Best Co-working space and Brave Founder of the year
  • Vote for each category by clicking the Vote button.
  • You'll see two options Login with Facebook and Vote with Email
  • Should you click the former option, the system will access your Facebook account details and automatically log your vote.
  • Should you click the latter option, enter your Full name and Email address then check the Terms and conditions box and then Click on Submit
  • The system will send an automated email confirming your vote.
  • Note you can only vote once


Once you have voted please share it with your family and friends or whomever you can share it with and we hope to see you there at the finals. We thank you for your support and we hope to keep on growing and becoming successful with you on this journey as well.

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