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About Us

who we are

Intuitive Web started in 2014. We are a Software Development Company specializing in SAAS(Software as a Service) and the MultiTenancy Architecture. We understand the need to have a software work according to your business process. Our systems today are used on a daily basis by businesses to increase productivity. With our easily customizable and robust software platform, we have developed both universal software as well as custom tailored management software for more than 10 industries today. Examples of these industries include:

  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Stock Trading and many more
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Underlying Software Problems with Businesses Today

  • Every business being unique has got its own specific business process. From extensive research, many businesses starting from small to the enterprise level are still unable to have all their custom business requirements in a software. This problem exists even till today.
  • Many businesses find themselves using 3 or more softwares just to get the work done. Even still those softwares lacked features needed.
  • Having to spend days/weeks teaching new employees how to work with the new software because it is unnecessarily too complex and not user-friendly.
  • Having to spend time preparing custom legal documents for clients to sign when a software could generate those in 5seconds or less.

Our Simple One-liner solution

With our team of dedicated experts, we are more than capable of developing that custom software you need. All that we require from you is your business process. Click HERE and make a formal request for that software project and a friendly consultant will be in touch within minutes.

How we do our work?

We leverage the use of Artificial Intelligence to develop a fully automated software system designed to take care of manual work at your organization. Our in-house software platform is fully AI(Artificial Intelligence) driven. It has been developed to work with mobile, web, hybrid and desktop-based platforms. It comes with generic, easily modifiable modules designed to process millions of requests per second as well as performing executive functions such as business reporting and many more business processes.

Why choose us

  • 0% downtime. Meaning your Online software is always online. No interruption whatsoever
  • Constantly updating the software to fight and win against the security threats
  • Friendly and intelligent software developers who care about your project and software by providing you with new ideas to implement
  • Easy-to-use online software
  • All our web-based/ online systems are mobile responsive. Meaning they are also easily viewable on any mobile device, thus giving you a rewarding experience of the best of both worlds
  • Our software solutions can easily be used across different areas. For example, should your company have a branch in Cape-Town, the software will exist as two different entities. Meaning branch one will have its own records and branch two will have its own. Meanwhile both software have the same features
  • Great website designs
  • We have the ability to incorporate any type of business needs into the software/system
  • We develop your software/system using the latest technologies and host them in secure hosting centres
  • All our systems are fast, robust, easily scalable and most of all secure
  • All our logo development work are in built using the latest software, thus giving you that 3D, HD feel
  • Daily contact to ensure you are always happy

How we Work?

thorough qualitative analysis regarding your software
Determine the best and most user-friendly approach
Proceed with the construction of the software
Keep you in the loop of things and providing feedbacks
Making sure your software is constantly being improved

Our values

  • Dedication.
  • utilizing the latest technologies.
  • Providing quality services.

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