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This is an AI-powered software system that makes blogging, publishing easy. It provides a simple means for bloggers to monetize their contents without using ads. It also provides bloggers complete ownership of their blog with no expiry date.

software system features

  • Get views per article and other important audit trail metrics such as Device, accurate location and more to improve your content
  • Add links to your social media accounts on your website
  • Upload your own logo and favicon to your website
  • Access to moderate comments before they get displayed on your website
  • Allow users to register on your blog, contribute comments and replies
  • Own your blog and content
  • Be able to monetize your content without ads
  • Invite your friends, coworkers and trusted people to collaborate on your posts
  • Be able to switch on/off your website when you want to
  • Be able to inject custom code to change fonts, activate Google Analytics and other custom plugins and widgets you may like to incorporate
  • Access to activity log feature to track changes made by your collaborators and contributors and third party freelancers that have access to your administrative panel
  • Register your own domain and port your site there

who can use this software system?

  • A blogging platform has no restrictions. Everyone always has thoughts and ideas they would like to publish

how can i sign up to use this software system?

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hr software system (cloud hr pro)

This software has been tailored to comfortably support the HR department in your organisation. It provides a simple yet predictable user interface which covers every aspect of the HR department. With this unique software system, every activity in your organization will be automated and easily manageable.

software system features

  • Data Management
  • Job Opening Management
  • Application Management
  • Company Documents Management.
  • HR Related Documents
  • Project Management
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Leave Application
  • Comprehensive Service Desk Features(Travel Requests, Overtime, Emergency Contacts)
  • Full Department Module
  • Employee Termination Process
  • HR Checklist
  • Safety Management
  • Finance(Payslip, Payroll features)
  • System Settings and Preferences

who can use this software system?

  • This software system can be used by any organization(small to enterprise) to manage both employee information, recruitment aspect, company information and financial aspect of the organization

how can i sign up to use this software system?

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