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Requirements Gathering

You cannot go to the grocery store without knowing what you want to eat at first hand. This same core principle applies to any project irrespective of the sector it belongs to.

This process is known as Requirements Gathering. Before embarking on a new project, we make sure all requirements have been established. This helps us in:

  • creating the perfect timeline
  • the foresight of future changes
  • determining the best possible route to complete the project
  • prioritizing activities in order of urgency

The following are the services we provide as well as the important requirements that go through your mind.

Should you be confused on what you need or have other special requirements?

Software Development

  • Define the processes and tasks which take too much time. For example:
    • It takes time to prepare legal documents for the clients to sign.
    • We spend soo much time in looking for clients email addresses or phone numbers.
    • We spend time performing tedious and complex calculations
    • We spend time filtering data and getting specific information. For example: Clients who have not paid, Clients who are South-African, Projects currently worked on by employees, etc.
  • Maintaining Communication with Clients. For example:
    • We need to easily and conveniently send SMS reminders to clients
    • How do we let the Clients know when certain things have been completed or Failed without having to physically call them, Certain things and actions such as: When the supplier has delivered the requested goods, When the monthly premium charge has either failed or was successful, When a decision has been made on their application?
  • We need to know what each employee is busy with.
  • We need to have reports automatically sent to all Board of Directors weekly/monthly.
  • We need to have sales forecasts.
  • We need to completely eradicate and remove the need for paper-work.
  • We need a private portal where we can privately work on company related projects
  • We need to be able to rapidly send invoices, quotations and other related documents to clients in a secure manner
  • We have 3branhces of our company and need each branch to be able to securely use the software
  • We need suppliers and other 3rd parties to be able to login to our software and update inventories etc
  • We need to know all the employees with Health Insurance (External and Third Party Integration with the System of your company's health insurance).


  • We need to appear on the first page via Google Search(Search Engine Optimization).
  • We prefer to update the content on our website.
  • We need to know the number of visitors on our websites daily as well as other important statistics.
  • We need to have a customer private login section on our website.
  • We need to be able to reply to comments on our blog page on the website.
  • We need to be able to update our online store easily from a secure portal
  • We need to be able to get the number of likes or dislikes on our blog articles
  • We need to be able to upload photos in our gallery and create gallery albums
  • We need to be able moderate comments made by members before it gets displayed on the website.

Mobile Application Development

  • We need the app to be available on all major platforms such as Android, Blackberry and IOS.
  • We need to be able to update some contents show via the app.
  • We need third party components such as sending push notifications.
  • We need to be able to get user statistics to improve the quality of the app

Logo Brand Development

  • We need various dimensions of the logo.
  • We need business card and letter head templates.
  • We would need some further customizations to be done in the future.

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