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Website Development

Whether you are self-employed or a newly start-up enterprise or a freelancer, a business website is required to properly place your business on the web. With a properly developed website, your business would get that credibility needed to generate leads, turn those leads into customers as well as providing that unique corporate feeling.

website development

Here at Intuitive Web, we understand the importance of digitally representing a company's online presence. The theme of every website should and must match both the company's business focus as well as its services. Hence this is the reason we decided to hand-craft(develop all websites from scratch) all our websites. We have found this to be the proven solution because it provides the room to carefully develop the perfect theme for the website in question.

As time progresses, the business requirements for a website changes. Since all our themes and modules are in-house and custom built, it makes it simple to adjust the website's features.

Website Development is a broad-term. This is because it comes in different categories, structures, layouts and requirements. So far, we have placed emphasis on the term Business website. This term refers to developing a website for a business, corporate entity etc in related fields. Below are the types/categories of websites we successfully develop.

static website development

The name says it all. With this type of website, the content needs little or no chnages once developed. This is perfect when your priority is having the basic information of your business such as services, products, contact information as well as a basic contact form added on your website. We also assist in updating your website for you. Have a look at the BASIC INFORMATIVE PACKAGE.

cms website development

Do you wish to update the contents of your website yourself? Do you wish to fully control your website's behaviour as well as customize its features? Then this is what you need. The Content Management System (CMS) gives you(the owner) the authority to update your website solo. Access to your website's control panel for updating and customization is done via a secure administrative login area only known to you and your employees. Have a look at the BUSINESS WEBSITE PACKAGE | PERSONALIZED WEBSITE PACKAGE.

ecommerce website development

Most shopping done today are concluded online. The major reason for this is convenience and simplicity. Do you run a business involving the consistent selling of goods and services?. Then it is time to move your business online. We develop secure online shopping stores with in-built online payment features as well as a large database to comfortably house all your products information such as prices, pictures, description, location, availability, inventory and more. Have a look at the BUSINESS WEBSITE PACKAGE | PERSONALIZED WEBSITE PACKAGE | FLYING SOLO WESBITE PACKAGE.