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software Development

Imagine having a software being developed just for your business, automating all your workflow, eradicating paper work, improving efficiency, saving time and money. Here at Intuitive Web, we bring those imaginations and thoughts to reality. We have a track record of surpassing expectations and delivering software at the expected time.

custom software development

The primary purpose of a business software is to simplify and automate work. Here at Intuitive Web, we understand the fact that every business has got its unique business process, hence the need to have a custom built software tailored to comfortably support day-to-day activities. Our softwares.

Using a generic free/open-source software sometimes isn't enough. This is due to the fact that these softwares still lack those custom features needed for business and daily operational success. Hence the need for a custom built software.

The proposed custom built software would comfortably accommodate your business requirements and would be developed and modified to suit your Business.

custom software development scenario

Say for example you need a software to perform the following requirements

  • Store Client details
  • Alert all board of directors via Email notification when payment has been received
  • Auto-update payment statuses to complete
  • Generate legal documents in PDF format for clients to sign upon successful registration
  • Auto-check bank account for client payment and auto-send receipts to client(s)
  • Be able to assign projects and work orders to specific employees as well as move project stages to the next when completed
  • Send daily notifications regarding payments that have been completed as well as clients yet to make payments
  • Be able to design specific invoices and auto-time the software to deliver to clients who are owing on every last day of the month

The above scenario is a perfect candidate for a custom software.

custom software industries in experience

We have developed custom software for the following industries:

  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Construction
  • Project Management

software development technologies

We utilize the following technologies to develop that secure and user-friendly software system: